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How to earn Money from Vigo Video App (Tricks)

Written by AKIF ZAKI

Aah! I am back with an awesome Money Earning App. I know you are so excited but Just be patient. So friends first, I would like to know how are you guys? Good. I am very happy to know that all of you are fine. So let’s start and know that ” How to earn Money from Vigo Video App “. Read this post in full. If there is any problem after reading this post, then please tell us in the comment. In this post, we will tell you “How To Make Money From Vigo Video App”. Next I will give full details about this. I will also tell you the tricks related to the Vigo video app. Before using this offer, I would like to inform you that it is important to have Paypal account. If you do not have a Paypal account then read this post and create an account immediately. What is PayPal and How to Create and Verify Indian PayPal Account.

Finally! Today the time has come when we will talk about how to earn money through the PayPal account. Today, I am going to tell you about the Vigo Video App. you can send all the money earned in it through your PayPal account to your bank account. I know that many people have already made PayPal accounts. People who have a PayPal account will immediately start taking advantage of this offer. Start earning more money through this offer. I will tell you more about PayPal Cash Earning App. But not today. Within 1-2 days, I will tell about some other app. From which you can collect PayPal Cash in Free.

If you want to get information about all those apps, then immediately subscribe to our push notification service. To subscribe the push notification service, press the bell button which is hanging below. So far you have heard the name of the Vigo app many times. I know that you might be wondering how it is appropriately, what is the use of Vigo app, How to Earn money from Vigo Video App. You do not have to think so much about this offer. Just read it further. Next you will also know what is the trick to earn money from Vigo video app. So let’s know the details of this app.

What is Vigo Video App ?

Vigo video app is a great application for Mobile User and Online Money Gainer. In this app you can earn money along with entertainment.  Just as many people today make money by uploading their videos to YouTube, in the same way you can earn money from Vido app. As you may know, it has become very difficult to earn from YouTube. But there is not much difficulty in earning with Vigo app. On Vigo Video App, you can upload small videos and earn a lot of money. Here you can also get Famous through your video. The more your video will be appreciated by the audience, the more money you get.


1- What types of videos can be uploaded on Vigo Video App?

You can upload any kind of ( Funny, Magical, Dance, Singing etc. ) video on this app.

2- What should be the length of the video uploaded to the Vigo app?

You can not upload videos of more than 15 sec on the Vigo app.

3- What should be the minimum amount of cash to withdraw from Vigo app?

You can make a payment request from $ 1.

4- How can money be earned through the Vigo app?

Money can be earned by uploading videos and by referring Vigo App to friends.

How to create a new account on Vigo Video App?

1) To create an account on Vigo App, you have to click here.

2) Now, scroll down your page and click on Start Now.

3) It will redirect you to Facebook profile, please login with your FB profile and allow all permission. Don’t worry it’s 100% safe and it will not post anything without your permission.

4) After that it will redirect you to Google Play Store. If it does not redirect to Play Store, then you can again touch on the link which is given in step 1.

5) Download Official App of Vigo. Open Vigo app and Login with same Facebook profile to get sign up bonus.

6) Now Upload any Video ( Less than or equal to 15 sec ) from Your Phone or make videos to Earn Money From Vigo App.

How To Earn Money with Vigo Video App ?

You can earn money in Vigo Video App in many ways. There is a thing called ‘Flames’. Flames is like a point that you get on each video that you share on Vigo Video. Just read below methods to Earn Money From Vigo App.

1) Upload any type of video in Vigo App. To upload a video Click the Plus Option in the middle.

Note- Don’t upload Gallery Video. You will get flames on live videos only. So it’s important to make fresh video by using Vigo App Camera.

2) Earn Money By Play some Quiz and Games.

3) You can earn money By Refer App with your friends. You will get 20% money of your referred friend till 10 days.

4) Earn Money By Offer: There are many offers, just participate and create your video and upload. You will get huge flames on those videos.

How to Refer Vigo Video App to your friends to earn extra flames ?

1) First of all Open Vigo App and Go to Me Section for Vigo Video Refer and earn Program.

2) Now Click on Flames to get your Vigo Video app Referral link.

3) There you will get an Option of Invite Friends to earn Flame.

4) Just Click on it and share your Vigo Video Referral link to Earn Money from Vigo App.

5) The minimum withdrawal amount is $1. You can only withdraw from your account with a balance greater than $1. Each user has a withdrawal limit of $200 per day.

After creating an account, we get an option like Following, Message and Me. From here on the Me Option, we get information about our Account Detail. If we click on the Flames option given in the Me option, then we get information about Earning. To convert Flames to Cash, Paypal Account must be connected.

Vigo Video uses AI technology to help users discover interesting videos and connect with audiences for their creative works through personalized content feeds. The more one views create and shares, the more one can discover and connect with creators and audiences. So make use of Vigo Video Refer and Earn and Earn Money From Vigo App.

So Earn Money using Vigo Video Refer and Earn Just By Uploading video and Referring your Friends using Your Vigo Video Referral Link. When Your friend use Your Vigo Video Referral link you will also earn Money. Earn Money From Vigo App is very easy method as you just have to upload videos.

What are Flames in Vigo Video App ?

Flames are equal to Money in $. In Vigo video 67 Flames make 1$. Which means approximately 1 flame is equal to 1 Indian Rupees.

How to Redeem Flames in Vigo Video App to get PayPal Cash ?

1) Go to your Flames Option.

2) Now click on Link PayPal and link it accordingly. ( PayPal account must be verified )

3) Just click on Redeem and then Enter the amount.

4) That’s it ! you will get you money instantly in your PayPal Account.

Trick to get more flames in Vigo App Easily –

1) Be sure that your video has a high quality video with good lighting conditions.

2) Do not make and upload multiple videos at once. Make a maximum of 6 videos in a day with each an interval of min. 2 hours.

3) Also try to grow your followers.

Important – You Can comment your Vigo ID in comment section . By posting Vigo Id in the comments, you can help by folowing each other.

Just Follow Me on Vigo and comment you Vigo ID in Comment Section below. My id  – 80728249488 ( I WILL FOLLOW BACK INSTANTLY )

Money Redemption Proof for Vigo Video App –


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