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Some easy ways to viral videos on YouTube : YouTube Tips

In this YouTube Tricks, you will find a lot of information so that you can view your video in the list of viral videos without viral video promotion and get rid of problems like How to get Views, Subscribers on YouTube.
Written by AKIF ZAKI

As we all know that in today’s time everyone wants to make a big name in this online world. For that, he or she makes a blog or makes a YouTube channel. We all know very well that in today’s world there is a competition everywhere. Along with hard work in this world, you must also work smartly. If you do not work smart then your hard work does not bring as much color as you want. It is most important for you to do the work with some planning. Today’s my post is specially for the new YouTuber. Here I am going to tell them some ways that they will get some help in making their video viral. And he can see his video in the list of viral videos. There is no need for viral video promotion . Just understand the post and try it yourself.

The request to make a post of this type was coming to me for a long time. Today I felt that such a post should be made now. I hope you’ll be able to understand this post too. Before proceeding, let me tell you to read this post very carefully and to implement the methods mentioned in it. I sincerely hope that you will see your video soon in the list of viral videos. If you make your video viral then you have many benefits. This increases your youtube ad revenue, youtube subscriptions etc.

It is often seen that many people start doing some work in hobby. Little kids left their studies for YouTube and are busy making videos. but why? Because Until 2014 there could be earnings from YouTube, no one knew too much. But when the famous Youtubers began showing their income proof, then the people knew that there could be some earnings from Youtube. There was a time when we used to enjoy just the latest songs and videos on YouTube. But in today’s era you find anything on YouTube so rarely come what can not be found.

There is another reason why people make videos on YouTube. They think that they will soon become famous. But do you know When they do not get any good results so soon, they get nervous and leave their work. I want to tell them that “The most important thing in this online world is patience”. If you are running your blog or running a YouTube channel or running an e-commerce website you should never have a lack of patience. Just be patient and work smartly and you will definitely get success. So come on let’s go ahead and know that the way we can use can make our video viral.

1) Choose the best title for your video -:

First of all you need to pay attention to the title of your video. By making the title of your video, you have to keep in mind that if you search the same kind of video on your own YouTube, then what you write in the search box. If you are perfect in writing the right title, then it can help your video make viral videos soon. You can also get help with some keyword planner. If the second video of your video type has been uploaded by a famous couple on its channel, then you can see the title of his video and keep a title that is similar to that.

2) Write the best description for your video -:

We have seen that many people leave the blank of their video’s description box. I want to ask you why you feel that it is right to leave the box open. If YouTube has given a descriptive box then it is obvious that the box will be required. Let me tell you that you have never left this box. In this box you briefly describe your video. Use the words in this box that you think people can search on YouTube to get videos like yours.

Here I tell you that the first two lines of description are very important. Use the maximum number of “Keyword” in the first two lines. Using more and more keywords does not mean that you make the keywords cloud. You try to use maximum 4 keywords in a video. Here is a very important thing to keep in mind that you do not write your tag word in the description box. If YouTube finds out that you have used the tag word in the line of your description, then it can terminate your channel. This is against the YouTube Community Guidelines. If you do not know YouTube’s Guideline, you can see it by clicking here. Here I would like to say that if you want to see your video in the list of viral videos then pay attention to this line too.

3) Use of “Keywords Tags” in Video to see in viral videos list -:

If you want to bring your video to the top in the list of viral videos, it is very important to put “Keyword Tags”. For this you search the first or two top video and see their “Keyword Tags” and accordingly you have to tag your video. To search Tag Word, you can use Keyword Planner like semrush, Uber Suggest. If you do not know what the keyword is and how it is used, then by clicking here you can know that ” How to use Keyword Planner ” .

The thing that is always remember here is that you use the same keywords as your video. Your channel may also be “Terminate” if the related tag is not included. Tags have a great deal of importance in ranking the video in the list of viral videos.

4) Use the attractive “YouTube Thumbnail” to make the video viral videos -:

It is important to have an attractive thumbnail for any video. If you want more views on YouTube then you have to use the attractive Thumbnail. As a makeup is done on the face of a woman, its beauty takes four moons. Similarly, if a thumbnail of a video is made attractive then the beauty of that video increases.

Some people forget to put a thumbnail in their videos or do not seem to deliberately. Those who do not use thumbnails, I want to tell them ” By doing this you are harming yourself.” You should make your video thumbnail such as type So people will think that they will get some important and good things in this video. But it is important to keep in mind that Your thumbnail is only related to your videos. If your thumbnail is different from video then it will be call as spam and your channel can be “Terminate” . If you do not make any thumbnails then you can use thumbnails of someone else.

5) Video Length Effect -:

Do you know that people nowadays have a very short time so people want more information or fun in less time. If you make your video too long, people feel boring. So they do not like to watch your video more. Because of this, your video does not trend and you can not come in the list of viral videos. Think this thing seriously and try to give more information or fun in less time. This will increase the time of your video and your video will come in the list of viral videos.

If you ask me how much time is right for a video then I would say that you should keep at least 10 minutes (if necessary) or for 7 minutes and at least 4 minutes.


Hope you have enjoyed reading this post. I hope that you have understood our language too. If you like the post then do not forget to share. If you want similar post on any other topic, you can tell us your topic in the comment box. We will try to tell you in such a simple words. If you have any complaint or suggestion, tell us in the comment box, we will do our best to redress it.

If you have any query then do ask your query in the comment section below.
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