How To Remove Or Unlist Your Name From TrueCaller

Remove Or Unlist Your Name From TrueCaller
Written by Affan Zaki

Hello friends,Here I welcomes all of you in our today’s articles,Today i tell you How To Remove Or Unlist Your Name From TrueCaller easily.since TrueCaller is an android platform based application which is used to give you you details of caller which called you at current timing of call at your screen,also truecaller is used to number search online,Nowadays every one has installed truecaller application at their smartphone for know the identity of caller who is calling them.

But sometimes we do not want that our name is been show at the time of calling with number. So here there is the solution it may be helpful to you. You have to follow some easy steps to remove or unlist your number from TrueCaller. But first you have to perform one more task in your smartphone before doing this task. If You have installed Truecaller application deactivate your current login account in Truecaller because The number which you registered at TrueCaller will show your name In Application.  So it dosen’t unlist your name and number.

Remove Or Unlist Your Name From TrueCaller:-

1-Firstly,Open TrueCaller Application In your smartphone And goto settings and click at About option.

2-Now clicked at deactivate my account.

3-After Deactivating your TrueCaller Account kindly,Uninstalled TrueCaller App.

4-Now just visit TrueCaller Unlist The Number Page From Here.

5-Now Enter the mobile number which you want to unlist.

6-Now clicked On unlist.

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours before the number gets removed.Since once the number gets removed the Name shown during calling will be automatically deleted.





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