How To Know The Password Of Any WiFi

You will get lots of information in this tricks so that you can hack someone's wifi and know the password of any wifi. By reading this post you can also learn how to crack wifi password, how to hack wifi, how to find out, wifi password etc.
Written by Affan Zaki

Hello friends,Here I welcomes all of you in our today’s articles,Today i gonna to teach you How To Know The Password Of Any WiFi.Yes you heard correct. Nowdays there are hilariously increment of WiFi users in this era due to very cheap rate of 3G and 4G data. This makes everyone to open their hotspot freely.

But wait there is an a problem from those people. We have to make a lot of requests for their password of WiFi. Now I am going to tell you all a simple trick today. Through which you can know the password of anybody very easily.  Just stay on this post to know more about the trick. Since we all know hacking is illegal and hacking the password is also illegal but the trick which i gonna to share with you is not illegal. It is totally legal because it is just a simple trick.

Things Required Before Doing This Trick Is:-

1-An Android Phone

2-Working Internet connection

Since we have to install an application from play store named WI-FI Map. The Wi-Fi Map android application allows you to view open Wi-Fi connections and other details of how to access the Wi-Fi password.

Now Steps To Know The Password Of Any WiFi:-

1-Firstly,Download the Wi-Fi Map Application From Here

2-Now Open the application,and you will have to turn on the location of your device.{as below in pic}

3-Now Just open the app again now you see here some wifi connections and how it is far from you. So you can access the freely Wifi connections to just go near to them.

Since,Above I told you how to know the passwords of Open Wi-Fi.

Now I goonna to share the real tricks to know password of any wifi.

Follow the below steps to access this trick.

1-First you need to go in the phone Settings >> About Device >> Status

2-Now here you will see your phone’s serial number after you go down {as below in pic} ,Note it down somewhere

3-Now Install the file explorer application from here.

4-And open the file explorer application.

5-After opening the file explorer. Go to the internal storage and create a new file, click on the + symbol to create a new file.

6-And the name the file As serial number which you got in above 2nd step.{as below in pic}

7- Install the Appication Named Wi-Fi WPA WPS Tester From Here.

8-Now open the application and clicked on the Wifi connection of which you want to know the password. {as below in pic}

9-Now you will see an option to click on the connected automatic pin.{as below in pic}


Now your phone will connect to that Wi-Fi network, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi by doing it.and this trick will worked guaranteed.

If you like this trick kindly share your experience in the comment box and if you any query feel free to comment.and If you found this trick useful, I have one request for you: let me know via Facebook .





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