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How to unblock blocked websites or URLs on Facebook

Come know that How to unblock blocked websites or URLs on Facebook. access blocked websites Now you can easily access blocked websites. Here you will find that the Facebook block specific websites then how to unblock that website
Written by AKIF ZAKI

Before I discuss the issue of ” How to unblock blocked websites or URLs on Facebook ” with all the people, I want to talk to all of you. Hope you guys will understand my feelings and try to understand our point. There are such halts in our lives that we feel that we can not do anything now. First of all, I would like to tell you people to remove these kinds of things from your heart altogether. Hey brother, all of us have been listening since childhood that man is a puppet of mistakes. Now it is natural to have a mistake when we are all humans. This does not mean that we should not try to correct mistakes.

Let me tell you here that the thought of writing this article also came to my mind with my mistake.  A few days ago, I was sharing some links to the Amazon Affiliate product on my Facebook page ( Zakitricks Advertising Company ).  So my facebook url blocked by Facebook again and again. In the very beginning days, I did not understand what was happening due to my mistake. Then I analyzed this mistake, then I came to know some information that I am sharing with all the people today.

Think of yourself here if I do not make any effort to improve my mistake, do I share these things with you today? I know that your answer is no.  My brother and sister never move back from improving their mistakes and try to find ways to improve it. If you do not find a solution to any problem, then tell us in the comment box below, we will try to resolve the problem.

I think there is too much extra talk here. ☺  Now let us know how to unblock blocked websites or URLs on Facebook .

As you all know that, It is so often with all of us that Facebook blocks our website or product URL. After that we can not share it on Facebook. I know that you are having this same problem, so I have brought a great trick to solve your problem. Observe this approach and follow all the steps. I sincerely hope that you can also unblock Blocked, Link / URL via Facebook too soon from Facebook.

This is most important for those who work on affiliate marketing, blogging, web promoting, YouTube video sharing, etc. When people post a link or URL of there website via Facebook’s message, comment and post, then this type error occurs while posting. This means Facebook has interpreted their Link / URL as spam. He suspects that this link is spreading Spam on Facebook. Because of this facebook blocks their links. In such a situation, they will have to tell Facebook that the link posted by them is safe. Let’s go a little further and know what is the reason why Facebook blocks our links as spam.

Why does Facebook block any URL / link

Before we go ahead to learn how to unblock blocked websites or URLs on Facebook let us know what might be the reason for link blocks.

Well there may be many reasons for this. In our Facebook research today, what has happened with me, I will share only those words with you. This thing is seen in today’s people more than once when people share a link, they start sharing the same link in different groups or at different places. Facebook does not like being so fast to share a link, and he understands that it can be spam. And we have to bear the brunt of this nonsense.

Another reason for blocking a link or URL on Facebook is that Sometimes people start sending their links using the Multi group poster tool. The use of such things is spam in the eyes of Facebook. For this reason, Facebook blocks your link or URL.

When you share your link on a group or page that has nothing to do with your link, then your link is reported by the group member. And your link is declared spam by Facebook. And your link is blocked as its gift.

I hope you understand what is the reason for link blocks on Facebook. Now is the time to know how you can unblock blocked websites or link. This is a very easy step, just follow the step given below, you will learn immediately.

As you all know, there is an option to fill a content form to get any help on Facebook. In the same way, it will also have to fill a form to unblock Facebook link. You have to write down your problem and submit it. Facebook will unban your link by looking at your problem. So let’s know how to fill the form and submit it for unblock blocked websites .

How to unblock blocked websites or URLs on Facebook

1) Firstly you have to open Facebook’s website in your browser and login to your account.

2) After that click here to go Facebook Help Center Option

3) Explain your entire problem there also, as well as the link that has been blocked.

For Example –

Hey Facebook Team!
Please take this message seriously. Yesterday I had shared a link on Facebook, but that link was declared spam by Facebook. I assure you that the link is not spam. There is no wrong use of that link. It’s just made for people’s knowledge. I request you to please check this link again and unban it. My link is www……com. Thanks

4) Just completed the whole step. You will get reply from facebook in 2-3 days

In this way, you can unblock the Block Link / URL on Facebook and also avoid blocking in Future. There are lots of technical issues too, due to which Facebook blocks your link and you can solve them by sharing them.

If you have any query then do ask your query in the comment section below.
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